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. = student can use site independently pres-k 1-3 4-6 6-8
Alien Scavenger Hunt grades 1 to 2 independent
The student must “zap” trash letters and letter combinations that are floating around the spacecraft to spell the word that is spoken. Uses digraphs and diphthongs.
Phonics Interactivities grades 1 to 3 independent grade 4 independent
Interactive games with audio. Each game keeps ongoing score and has a link to its own teacher guide on the page. Covers vowel sounds, r-controlled words, digraphs, diphthongs, and consonant blends. Activities for other grades relate to alphabet and word study.
Readquarium: Phonics and Phoneme Activities k assisted grades 1 to 2 independent
Links to sites for students in categories including beginning and ending sounds, vowel sounds, CVC words, blends, rhymes, chunks & word families. Button to links for teachers goes to the main general page. There are a lot of opportunities for students to click out of the student-centered activities, so independent use will require some oversight.
Starfall k assisted grades 1 to 2 independent
Interactive books, games, and movies that teach the various aspects of phonics in an interesting and engaging manner. Correlated materials to download or order (small fee). The methodology section of the Web site explains the rationale and strategies of this site.
Words And Pictures grades k to 1 assisted grades 2 to 3 independent
Activities and games to reinforce sounds, letter patterns, and word families. Interesting game to reinforce high frequency words. Some games require a plugin. A BBC site that can be used independently although designed to accompany a television program.
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