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Alien Word Mine grades 1 to 3 independent grades 4 to 6 independent
Select words that fit the part of speech requested. Two levels: grades 1-3 and 4-6. Words are not presented in context, but the arcade style of play will appeal to some students. Rocket Word Tag is a similar game for grades 3-6, but the words are in the context of a sentence. All games at this site have ads in labeled windows unless you subscribe.
Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation grades 6 to 8 independent
Click “Free Online English Rules” in the left-bar menu to navigate sets for grammar rules and punctuation rules. Each set has examples and a quiz, or go directly to the printable quiz. There overall test for grammar and for punctuation is interactive. There is also a separate set of rules for writing numbers. Jane Straus has naturally included information on purchasing her books, and you can sign up for her free newsletter.
Definitions of Basic Sentence Parts grades 5 to 6 assisted grades 6 to 8 independent
Eight parts of speech and the construction of sentences. The quiz links at the bottom are too difficult for elementary, but could be used as enrichment activitity for interested middle school students. Part of the Guide to Grammar & Writing site.
Diagramming Sentences grade 3 independent grades 4 to 5 independent
Introduces diagramming sentences as being like solving a puzzle. Covers subjects, predicates, adjectives and adverbs.
Grammar and Spelling grades 4 to 6 independent grades 6 to 8 independent
Rules and examples for parts of speech, punctuation, and tricky spellings. Link to “word and grammar games” goes to general list of games and quizzes.
Grammar Gorillas grades 2 to 3 independent grades 4 to 6 independent
Identify parts of speech in sentences. Beginner level asks for only nouns and verbs; advanced uses eight parts of speech. Definitions stay at bottom of screen for help.
Grammar Rock grades 6 to 7 independent
Words to songs for the eight parts of speech with short audio files giving a snippet of each song.
Wacky Web Tales grade 3 assisted grades 4 to 6 independent grades 6 to 8 independent
Students create "madlib" stories and poems by supplying parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, exclamations. Help Page briefly explains these parts of speech. grades 3 and up
Word Invasion grades 2 to 3 independent grades 4 to 6 independent
Select the words that match a given part of speech. Set play to include any or all of noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition. In a companion game, Verb Viper, the student is given a subject then selects a verb recognizing subject/verb agreement and the correct verb form. Learning occurs from studying the results page after playing a game round, although the sounds do indicate errors immediately. Game settings have 3 levels, 3 speeds, and sound controls. Younger studenets can play independently after the adult has customized the settings.
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