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Caroline Throop [Lepere], NF-035, chart 80


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1860 30 September 1869 born in Perry County, Illinois. Father: Caleb. McDonald Throop; Mother: Susan Jane McClelland Throop My Family Tree*
1870 at home with parents C.M. and Susan Throop, Township 6S Range 4W, Perry County, Illinois, Post Office: Denmark, age 10 months 1870 US census. Roll: M593_268, Page: 281, Image: 367. dwelling #124, family #124.
10 February 1878 Mother dies, father dies soon after My Family Tree*
1880 Caroline Troup, age 10, in home of her uncle Alferd McCleland. Ora Township, Jackson County, Illinois 1880 US census. Roll: T9-0214, Page: 19A, Image: 0606. dwelling #332, family #332.
placed in Henry Williamson home My Family Tree*
21 April 1889 Caroline Troop marries George Lepere in Jackson County, IL Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763–1900
1890 07 May 1890 birth of son Luther My Family Tree*
23 June 1891 son Luther dies. Buried in Birkner Cemetery, Jackson County IL Maxine Richter
19 July 1891 birth of son Edgar Lee.
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My Family Tree*
21 January 1895 birth of dau Maud My Family Tree*
08 July 1895 daughter Maud dies. Buried in Birkner Cemetery, Jackson County IL Maxine Richter
30 November 1896 birth of son Fred A My Family Tree*
11 December 1898 birth of son George My Family Tree*
1900 lives in Town of Ora, Jackson County, Illinois with husband George; age 30, 5 children with 3 living: Edgar 9, Fred 3, George 1 1900 US Census. T623_307; Page: 3B; ED 31; dwelling #61; family #61
18 April 1901 birth of son Charles My Family Tree*
16 February 1903 birth of son Thomas A My Family Tree*
21 June 1905 birth of son William My Family Tree*
30 August 1905 son William dies. Buried in Birkner Cemetery, Jackson County IL Maxine Richter
07 July 1906 birth of son Rollie My Family Tree*
30 March 1908 birth of daughter Martha M My Family Tree*
1910 lives in Village of Percy, Percy Precinct, Randolph County, IL with husband George Leper; age 39, married 21 years, 10 children 7 living and at home. Note: A first listed couple Oscar and Effie M Desrocher in same dwelling. Both Oscar and George shown as a driver in coal mine and owning free of mortgage altho for Oscar there is a farm number. 1910 US Census. Series: T624, Roll: 319, Part: 2; Page: 168B; ED 63; dwelling #152; family #158
03 July 1913 birth of son Clyde Woodrow My Family Tree*
1920 listed as Caroline L Lepere head of household in Percy Precinct, Randolph County, IL,age 50, married (not widow or divorced), 6 children at home. Note: Same dwelling number for family 251 Delezan Stewart 49 with children, and Reuben Wheatley 50 wife son; both rent. 1920 US Census. Roll: T625_366, Page 11A, ED 118, image 829, dwelling #230, family #250; Jerryville Road
1930 lives with son Charlie Le Pere in Valier Village, Tyrone Township, Franklin County, IL. Listed as Carolina, age 60, divorced. Woodrow is with them. 1930 US Census. Roll: Roll:517; Page: 10B; ED 46; Image: 128.0. dwelling #247; family #257, Benedict Street
1940 08 January 1942 dies.
Buried in Birkner Cemetery, Jackson County IL
Maxine Richter

* My Family Tree by Beulah Russell Nisbet, unpublished manuscript, 1952.
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