R1 Box 59, Sherman Tex
October 14, 1915
Mrs M C Britton

My dear aunt, it is with a sad hart I try to write you this morning you heard about our dear mothers death didn’t you. I think the girl said they had a card sent you and I guess they have written you also. Mama died the 27 of Sept. the day grandpa had been dead 25 years. Pearl sent me a message monday that mama was very low to come at once and I started the same eve but Aunt Dona death beat me thirs and when we got to Hartley I had to wittness the saddest sight I ever wittness in my life. Thire was Myrtle and Pearl with our darling mama in her coffen and they put her in the coach ahead. I Aunt Dona can you amagen my feeling when I had prayed o so earstly day and night that she might live till I got thire and then only a still cold form to greet me. Oh sometimes it seems more than I can bare to think Ill never see my sweet darling mama any more nor get another sweet letter from her and she did write the sweetest letters she had been sick 8 weeks but they didn’t think she was so low till Monday and then it was to late. she came to see me in May and stayed till July. and when she left I told them I just felt like that would be the last time I would see her. poor girls I do feel so sorrow for them. they will miss her so much more than I will. Pearl ames to finish her school and Myrtle will stay with her this winter I dont know weather she will ever go back to her work are not, you must write to them often, it will do them so much good. and you write to the boys. I would write to them but I dont know where they are.
we are all well I believe. My children are all large now. My baby is 4 years old. and Neavada is larger than I am. I hope you are all well. I want you to write to me as soon as you get this so I will say good by pray for us.
your loving neice

Grace Davis

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