Joseph Gideon, KG-195

A transcription of burials at the Betts Cemetery in Southeast Pontotoc County, Mississippi provides the start of a family matching game. The description states, “This is an old cemetery on Highway 41 just east of the Natchez Trace . . . You will see stones in the middle of the forest. Thank you H. R. Culpepper for submitting this information.”

Among the burials are Joshua Hadley and his wife Margaret Starnes Hadley. The transcription indicates that there are no stones, but information is ”per family members”. Joshua was born 1801 in North Carolina. Margaret was born 1806. Both died before 1870.

Joshua and Margaret had a daughter Kate who is buried here with her husband. Kate (Hadley) Giddens was born 14 September 1832 and died 05 August 1915. Joseph Giddens (husband of Kate) was born 31 July 1823 and died 24 October 1891.

Royce Culpepper [] has a WorldConnect tree entitled Royce Culpepper Ancestors and Cousins.
An individual in this tree is Catherine Hadley, born 1835 in Alabama to Joshua and Margaret Starnes Hadley, who died 1915 and is buried in Betts Cemetery, Troy, Pontotc, MS. Catherine married Joseph Giddens, with birth and death dates matching the cemetery transcription information. The tree does not carry the line forward with any descendants, and does not include any other Giddens (or Gideon) in the index.

1850 US census, Pontotoc County, Mississippi
family 271. Joshua Hadly, age 49, real estate=360, born NC
Margaret 44 b NC; Jane 19 b MS; Catherine 15 b AL; Nancy 13 b AL; Thomas 11 b MS; Stephen 9 b MS; Joseph 5 b MS

These is a Gideon family (#292) headed by Wood Gideon 43 b GA and wife Nancy 30; children James 10, Margarett 8, Martha 8, Mary 7, Mineny 6, William 3, all born MS

Meanwhile, in the Eastern division of Chickasaw County, Mississippi, family 247
Henry Gidens 29, real estate=2000, born Alabama; Sarah 29 b SC; Joseph P 1 b MS;
and living with them is Joseph Gidens, age 25, b Alabama

An International Genealogical Index record shows Joseph Gideon and Catharine Headley married in Pontotoc, Mississippi 02/20/1855. The information is credited to ”Extracted marriage record for locality listed in the record” which I haven”t found online.

1860 US census, Pontotoc County, Mississippi
family 573. Joshua Hadley, age 60, real estate=2000 / personal=1000, born NC; Margaret 52 b NC; Jane 28 b AL; Thomas 22 b MS; Stephen 19 b MS; Joseph 15 b MS

Itawamba County, Mississippi PO: Verona
family 1863. Joseph Giddion 38, no real estate / personal=300, born Alabama;
Catherine 25 b AL; Word 5 b MS; Clark 1 b MS

1870 US census, District 4 Lee County, Mississippi PO: Verona
family 389. J Gideon, age 46, real estate=425 / personal=100, born Alabama;
Catherine 37 b AL; J W 13 b MS; W C 10 b MS

1880 US census, Pontotoc County, Mississippi
family 129. Jos Gideon, age 56, father born NC, mother born Tenn
Catherin 48 b AL (father & mother born NC); Word 24 b MS; Wm C 21 b MS

1890 ???

The name Word Gidden/Gideon pops up occasionally in Mississippi records.
Word Gidden 1840 US census, Monroe County, Mississippi (30-40)
Word Giddin 1841 Mississippi State Census, Monroe County
Word Gidden 1841 - 1846 Mississippi Land Records, Monroe County
Word Giddin 1860 US census, Pontotoc County, Mississippi and slave schedule
Word Gideon 1850 US census, Lafayette County, MS, age 5 born MS, father b Tenn
Word Gideon 1870 US census, Lee County MS, b ca 1806 GA
Word Gideon Civil War - Confederacy Co E 1st Cavalry Regiment Mississippi

Henry and Joseph (1850) could be the sons of Zephaniah and Anjacona, but this messes up the family birth dates and possibly birth order as I have it.

Joseph Giddens (husband of Kate) could be unrelated to Zephaniah Gideon and the error made in connecting the marriage to “our” Joseph Gideon.

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