ca 1910

Carleton College was chartered by the State of Missouri in 1859 as Carleton Institute. Eliza A. Carleton, a native of Virginia who came to Missouri with her family in 1843, began to accept students in 1854 to her school on Big River eight miles from Farmington. The Carleton Institute remained on Big River until 1878, when it was moved to larger quarters in Farmington. Some time after the move the school became known as Carleton College. The institution was co-educational, and it accepted both day and boarding students. The curricu lum included high school and college courses, and featured classes in natural science, philosophy, the classics, music, and elocution. The instruction, although avowedly Christian, was traditionally non-sectarian, even after the school was deeded to the St. Louis Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1885. The church operated the school until declining enrollment forced its closure, evidently due to competition from publicly funded schools and colleges. The last class from Carleton graduated in June 1916. from Western Historical Manuscript Collection-Roll

Carleeton College campus

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