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The White County IL Probate Journal Vol. B, 1822-1844, on page 135 dated 11 Jan 1836


Be it remembered that on the ??? day of ??? letters of administration were granted to John Bruce on the goods and chattels of John M. Berry dec’d which said letters are in the Following words and figures (VIZ)


The people of the State of Illinois to all whom these presents shall come greetings – know ye that whereas John M Berry late of the county and State aforesaid died intestate as it is said on or about the 1st day of July 1834, having at the time of his decease in value personal property in the State which may be lost, destroyed, or diminished in value if speedy action can not be taken of the same to the end therefore that said property may be collected and preserved for those who shall appear to have a legal right and interest therein we do hereby appoint John Bruce, Administrator, of all the singular the goods and chattels which were of the said John M Berry at the time of his decease give full power and authority to secure and collect the said property and debts where so ever the same may be found in this state and in general to do and perform all other acts which now are or hereafter may be required of him by law.

And afterwards, VIZ, on the llth day of January 1836 at a court of probate held at the probate office in Carmi before James Radcliff, Judge, thereof came the same John Bruce, Adm., of the estate of John M. Berry and charges himself with the amt. Of sale bill $15.00 and prays an allowance for the following charges of payments.

Amount of sale bill brought up: $15.00
Class first none
Class first none
Paide Thomas Shannon, Medical Bill 7.25
Paide Probate fee 6.121/2
Adm. Allowance none
Compensation on sale bill 1.00
Four days attention 4.00
Estate deficient $3.37 1/2

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