Busy Little Mouse by Eugenie Fernandes; illustrated by Kim Fernandes. Tonawanda, New York: Kids Can Press, 2002. ISBN: 1550747762. unpaged. Ages: 3-6, gr: toddler-1.



Busy Little Mouse meets several "talkative" farm animals when he goes outside for the day.


  1. Eugenie Fernandes and Kim Fernandes have the same last name. Are they in the same family?

  2. Each picture of animals the Busy Little Mouse meets has the mouse in it. Find him in each picture and tell what he is doing with his hat.

  3. Use clay to make one of the little animals that Little Mouse meets.

  4. Complete this chart (pdf).
    Then play a game. The teacher will say the name of one of the animals. You do the action and make the sound.

  5. Sing with "Old MacDonald Had a Farm".

  6. List the animals that Little Mouse saw. Pick one animal from the list and look it up in the Little Explorers Dictionary.

  7. Read more books about Little Mouse.
    • Fernandes, E. (2004). Big week for Little Mouse. Kids Can Press. grades preschool-1.

    • Fernandes, E. (2001). Sleepy Little Mouse. Kids Can Press. grades toddler-k.

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Accelerated Reader: Busy Little Mouse. Quiz #55981 EN; Book Level 1.3; Points= 0.5

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