All Year Long (Hardcover) by Kathleen W. Deady; illustrated by Linda Bronson. Carolrhoda Books/Lerner Publishing Group, 2004. ISBN: 1575055376. pp: 32. Ages: 4-8, gr: pres-2



A young girl finds special things to do each season with her parents and younger brother. A chalk line of wind blows in each season beginning with spring. Fun activities for the season are shown and described in three or four double-page collage illustrations. The text uses rhyme, but not repetition. This is a picture book to enjoy, not a beginning-to-read text.


  1. Each picture is a collage that uses real objects in making the picture. Find each of these items in a collage:
    • cotton balls
    • buttons
    • beads
    • scraps of cloth
    • tissue paper
  2. Find examples of different shapes in the pictures. Which shape do you think Linda Bronson likes the best?

  3. Make a comparison chart. Draw a line down the middle of a sheet of paper. Choose a season and print the name of that season at the top of the paper. On the left side of the line list things that the girl did in the season the chose. On the right side of the line list things that you do in the season you chose.

  4. The girl knows spring is coming when she hears _____.
    Find a picture of a robin and listen to his song. (Requires RealPlayer.)

  5. The girl knows summer is coming when she sees a ____.
    Third graders learn about the life-cycle of the Painted Lady Butterfly. (Requires QuickTime.)

  6. The girl knows fall is coming when she feels _____.
    Try some of the Songs and Actions Rhymes for Fall from Julie Vickory’s collection at the Holiday Zone. (click on Autumn Celebrations)

  7. The girl knows winter is coming when she sees _____.
    Read a snow story written by first graders.

  8. Make cocoa for the class. Use Hershey’s Hot Cocoa for a Crowd recipe.

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